Pattern Spotting Tours

How can slowing down to notice more help to spark more curiosity in our daily lives?

Our PATTERNITRIPS and tours are an opportunity to discover pattern in unexpected places, break out of closed down  ‘busy’ mode and open up to fresh inspiring perspectives. With pattern as our guide, we explore everyday environments and cultural spaces with renewed attention and appreciation.

Seeing the Magnificent in the Mundane

Combining photography, mindfulness and creative exploration, our tips and tours get people away from their desks and venture into the great outdoors. Together, we explore a new place or re-discover somewhere we thought we already knew.

Joining a group of fellow curious minds, we learn about a location through pattern, uncovering new ideas and inspirations. We focus on breaking our autopilot pattern – and finding out what lies beyond. Shrugging off our preconceptions, we discover fresh and lasting ways to look at the world around us.

 Participants are invited to look up, down and around. We take the time to ponder the shapes and structures of both manmade and natural designs – and, for some, the transformation is almost magical.  We see the magnificent in the mundane and walk away seeing pattern everywhere we go! 

"The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity"
Edmund Burke, author, political theorist and philosopher
Let stripy shadows lead us on a journey
"So good to be wandering around with a bunch of people who also liked looking at lovely patterns and textures. Even if you have a remote interest in the subject – the tour was incredibly well researched, and it was great to meet so many new people"
The Completest