Creating Positive Patterns for our Oceans

Our seas and oceans sustain life on Earth and are home to tens of thousands of fascinating species. They cover 72 percent of the planet, contain over 97 percent of its water, and produce half the oxygen we breathe in. We know of the crisis facing our oceans as they become polluted with chemicals and plastic – all byproducts of our modern life. It can feel overwhelming to know where to start to combat the problem, but there are some fantastic innovations that we can all learn more about – change can happen!
We previously wrote about young innovator Boyan Slat, who has continued to develop his floating gyres that could trap up to 55 containers of plastic everyday in his Ocean Cleanup Project. His first full scale trial of the project will be on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, currently scheduled for mid-2018.

A UK company has decided to tackle inefficient plastic recycling head on by designing technology that turns all forms of plastic products into virgin plastic, wax, and oils, called Plaxx. Recycling Technologies hope to close the circle on the cradle-to-grave circle of plastic use to create a new material that can be used instead of virgin crude oil.

Watch the video below to learn more…
You can also learn about ways that you can make an impact on ocean waste and pollution at the pioneering 5 Gyres Institude who are focusing on preventing plastic from entering our seas in the first place. They have a great number of resources and initiatives to help disrupt our patterns of production and raise awareness for positive change.
PATTERNITY captured this dappled ocean in Answem, India
We're trying to make as many positive choices at PATTERNITY, from reducing plastic at our workshops and choosing biodegradable or reusable materials instead, to using keep-cups and washing with bio-friendly soaps at tea time! Why not take a moment to consider one simple change to set a positive pattern to help our oceans today,
Simple actions can ripple out to much bigger things… Learn about our Gratitude Journal and how it can help form more positive patterns in your day to day life.