A conversation on bringing more love into design with Co-founders Anna + Grace on the launch of the new HEARTWORK print shop collection.


How did the new HEARTWORK collection come about?

GRACE: With Valentines on the horizon, we wanted to create a new pattern artwork that was about sharing the love, for people and for the planet. This is the first time (since launching the PRINT SHOP back in November) that we’ve introduced bold bright colours into our vector designs. We hope people will connect with them on a more personal, meaningful level, to bring joy and the positive power of pattern, shape and colour into their lives, or to gift that to each other! 

ANNA: It feels increasingly important in these challenging times that we can look to the language of design and creativity as ways to lift people's spirits as we know pattern so beautifully can. Our homes and the resonance of what’s in them feels more important than ever. With this new collection we also wanted to create a stronger link with our charity partners ‘THE HEART KEEPERS'  a fund that supports and raises awareness for the indigenous activists on the Amazon frontline, individuals and communities working to protect the land and culture they love.  

Indigenous gathering in Piracu Image Samantha Roddick

Why did colour feel important for the HEARTWORK collection and how did you choose the final colours?

GRACE: Black and white has been a good way for us to keep things simple, often we’re exploring and trying to communicate relatively complex ideas within science and spirituality, so a monochrome palette helps us – if no-one else(!) – to keep focused on the patterns and stories that we’re sharing. The HEARTWORK is almost opposite in essence to our usual approach, as it is so simple in its message; to share the love with each-other, with the Earth and with ourselves. The coloured hearts become a symbol that celebrates the spectrum and vibrancy of life and of love.

What did you love about the process creating the HEARTWORK?

GRACE: This design is actually version 2.0 and is a much more simplified version of our original HEARTWORK design from 2014 featured in the Book of Hearts by Francesca Gavin. It was whilst I was testing out the colours that I created this quick simplified version of the heart shape, consisting of just two circles and a triangle…  and once in the different colours it felt like this was enough and it was complete. I love how the design evolved through simplification. The spectrum design followed shortly after, as the geometry of the triangle tessellates into a hexagon making a full radial, flower like design, which felt expansive and abundant which really is the way of the love! It was an easeful process that felt like it designed itself in many ways.

5% of each sale will go to supporting indigenous activists in the Amazon – can you share a bit about how that charity partnership has come about

ANNA: As our love of pattern and nature has deepened over the last 11 years we’ve naturally gravitated to the source of this pattern wisdom; indigenous communities across the world. We’ve found a powerful resonance with many core ‘indigenous values and philosophies;  a deep love and care for the Earth, the honouring of nature’s cycles and intelligence over man made systems. The wisdom of pattern and craft as ways to communicate. Patterns are physical totems of understanding; each with their own meaning and potency. 

This partnership has been growing for several years now, through our many trips, conversations and creative collaborations and deepening personal relationships with indigenous communities, individuals and allies – particularly those doing work in the Amazon. 


Why is partnering with Indigenous communities so important to you?

ANNA: The reason why the Amazon rainforest is still standing today, is because of indigenous peoples reciprocal relationship and deep love of Nature. 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity thrives in the care of indigenous people yet they remain one of the most ignored and underfunded sectors in conservation globally⁠. 

As lovers of patterns in life a percentage of each sale will go directly into the HEART KEEPERS fund (find out more about that here) . This is one small step for us as we stand in creative solidarity with the true keepers of pattern wisdom here on this planet. Our intention is always that all our creative outputs have meaning and in some way bring people back do a deeper feeling of connection and reciprocity with life.  This project acts as a seed of intention that will grow into more creative collaborations with indigenous activists and communities. 

Our mission is to inspire our fellow creative and design community to wake up and connect the dots and acknowledge that the key to the survival of life here on earth lies with the wisdom of indigenous communities. These people still hold the deep and loving connection to the Earth that many in the West have lost. And we are seeing where this is leading us… We all need to step back, step up and find ways to support, amplify and stand in solidarity with the indigenous HEART KEEPERS of the Earth. And we at PATTERNITY hope to find ways that will help people on that journey...

KAYAPO Patterns. Image by Samantha Roddick

How are you hoping people will respond to the new HEARTWORK collection?

GRACE: It is important to us that we design with love, and for love, especially within the predominantly fear-focused world we seem to live in. Helping people find ways to give and receive loving kindness, and to feel part of this exchange with each other, with the planet, and with ourselves is something we can all benefit from. We also hope that people find personal resonance with the colours – the designs are intended to be uplifting and joyful, so it would mean a lot to know that this is how they are received. If our pattern designs can bring more joy, gratitude and love into people's lives, just as they have our own, then we are on the right path.

Anna: Since launching our PRINT SHOP back in November It’s been so heartwarming seeing how people have integrated our first collection of patterns into their everyday lives and seeing them in living spaces around the world from London to LA, Devon to Dallas Texas, Bristol, Brighton, Houston to Hong-Kong and many more! We’ve heard such joyful stories of our patterns helping people to feel more grounded, relaxed and nurtured during this very challenging year which was one of the reasons we launched the print shop in the first place so we hope the new HEARTWORK continues to help people share the pattern love near and far...

HEARTWORK RED / Coral by Renata Romeo Art. Thailand

Can you share three things that you love that have been filling your heart and keeping you creatively inspired during this challenging time?


  1. A book called Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkaporta 

  2. My feet, walking boots and the Scottish highlands!

  3. Amateurism Community Radio 

Arrochar Ardlui Scottish Highlands
  1. River Ripples I’ve recently moved to Somerset and have found so much joy amidst the complexity of this year walking along the river, it gives me such peace and creative clarity watching the ripples and listening to the flow on a frosty morning. 

  2. The Moon: I’m currently half way through a 28 Day moon mornings course hosted by our friend Merilyn over at Mylky Moon lab. We’ve been learning about the impact the moon cycles can have on our body, hearts and creative process. It’s been totally eyeopening and very grounding. We’ll be sharing in future PATTERNITY events and experiences around this theme so watch this space! 

  3. My Outdoor Bath. My new house doesn’t have a bath so i’ve designed one to go outside in my garden. I’ve spent many hours enjoying reading a good book and listening to the sound of the birds tweeting away along the river. Peaceful patterns in action.

The River Brue in Bruton

And finally... What’s coming up next?

We’re currently working on an event on the 3rd March ‘DESIGN WITH LOVE’ where we’ll be hosting an inspiring and uplifting evening  where we'll be sharing our insights and helpful tips on bringing more care and compassion into the creative process. Save the date. Ticket information coming soon...!