Fantastic Fred: Design for Wellbeing

Our co-founder Anna spoke with Fred Butler at a special dinner Now Gallery to celebrate Fred's new immersive installation show ‘Harmonics in Space’. Together they discussed the link between design and wellbeing - taking time to reflect, notice more and see the beauty everywhere amidst our increasingly busy urban lives.
“We need a balance of all the colour vibrations in sunlight to nourish us energetically”
Fred Butler

Fred has created a joyful destination for healing with light, colour, shape and sound. In this environment she explores chromotherapy and light as an antidote to SAD – seasonal defective disorder – and to our urban living.

Fred’s on-going interest in wellbeing led her to discover Rudolph Laban’s theory ‘Harmonics in Space’ of how our bodies are formed of polyhedral shapes within the environment. The first and smallest of the polyhedral is the tetrahedron, located at the centre. Vibrations here are closely related to breathing and our intense awareness of being alive. Fred believes that through constant computer work and hunching over devices, this tetrahedron gets blocked. The installation invites the opportunity to stand, breath and expand your chest, to recharge and make the whole body to be responsive.

Thank you to Fred Butler (who was sporting our Ritual Mac from our POSITIVE PATTERNS collection!) and Now Gallery for hosting us.

The exhibition runs until 29 April 2018 at NOW Gallery Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0SQ
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