Garment Design that Investigates Overconsumption

Parsons x Kering Empowering Imagination Finalist explores sustainable fashion

Ji Won Choi was interested in the idea that many of us have wardrobes full of clothes that can only be worn one way, and reacted by creating pieces that represent ideas of multifunctionality. By creating these flexible garments, Choi believes that we'll need fewer of them, and in turn create more sustainable patterns of consumption within our clothing choices.
"My work is a visual statement of this issue of waste through graphic symbolism and construction. The design of each garment is developed from the concept of a stripe to symbolise an “item” in our closets and is multiplied to create a visual representation of an average closet"
Ji Won Choi
The garments can be manipulated in to lots of different silhouettes, reducing the need for multiple items of clothing.  Choi has ambitions to 'slow the fashion industry down' and give people the chance to savour each collection – to disrupt the constant seasonal cycle. This is something we're really passionate at PATTERNITY about too, and we're excited to see more from Ji Won Choi.
"It would really be a positive change for the designers, as well, if we had more time to extensively research, explore, design, redesign, and be allowed to create the strongest work possible"
Ji Won Choi
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