Standing in Creative Solidarity with the Pattern People of our Planet

Honouring and acknowledging the source of pattern wisdom here on Earth a 5% donation from our new PRINT SHOP sales will support frontline indigenous Amazonian activists; the homes and land they love, the culture they defend and the deep pattern wisdom they hold — for the future of all life.

These activists and cultural leaders are being forced out of their homes and endangering their lives daily to protect biodiversity essential for the heart and lungs of our Earth and all its inhabitants to beat and breathe. The land, ecosystems, and earth-centred cultural pattern wisdom that these communities and individuals hold and are fighting to protect – are essential for the future of life on the planet we all share and call home. 

Donations will go directly to CHOOSE EARTH  a creative indigenous-led collective between several organisations and individuals in collaboration with indigenous leaders. 

Find out more about the fund and our ongoing partnership standing in solidarity with Indigenous communities here.

“What is going to cure the Earth is our capacity, our ability to reactivate our connection to the Earth”
—Célia Xakriabá

Above and top  Sônia Guajajara and Célia Xakriabá  Members of the Kayapo tribe at Piracu; a gathering of 45 different Indigenous communities and Peoples and 600 Indigenous Brazilian people to strategise resistance and resilience, hosted by Chief Raoni in January 2020. Photograph by Patternipal, Samanatha Roddick

If you'd like to explore ways you can support and connect more deeply with this work please contact us at studio@patternity.org – we'd love to hear from you.