Imagine China

Marvelling at
Rusting Rocks

Unusual striped formations dazzle the landscape at the site was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Danxia Rainbow Mountains, located within the National Geopark of Zhangye in China, sport red and orange stripes due to the strips of iron hidden inside them. When the Earth initially formed, atoms bonded with iron created by dying supernovas, and formed the rocks and landscape of our Earth. As oxygen and water were produced to support the first life, these iron began to rust in the exposed rocks that were pushed up as two tectonic plates collided, forming the bold banding.

You don't have to go all the way to China to experience this wonder of geology; wonder outside to spot any red-hued rocks – theres a good chance it will be made of the same 
iron oxide stained sandstone.
Imagine China

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