Photo: Yuri Pardi ‘Monument’

Monumental Blocks

Taking inspiration from Brutalism

The shapes of the city are often translated into printed and surface elements of fashion garments, such as our Chinti + Parker collaboration, Conscious Cloth meets Conscious Pattern. Designer Yuri Pardi’s Monument collection took this one step further by creating pieces that reference the sculptural geometry of Brutalist buildings.

In the collection, grey wool resembles cool concrete. Full dresses transform the body. Cropped jackets are matched with elongated skirts. Jutting breeze-block shapes resemble spines on an urban Stegosaurus. Sharp crenellations and sensuous curves create a mobile metropolis.

Yuri Pardi ‘Monument’
“Undeniably, the world has become visually cluttered and the application of a minimalist aesthetic could start a change of mindset towards reduction and simplification”
Yuri Pardi
Yuri Pardi ‘Monument’