Creating Team Patterns of Connection and Creativity


We were very excited to have been asked to re-design our much loved Mindful Marbling Workshop into a unique virtual creative experience for the team at The National Lottery for their company away day.

Hosted by cofounder Anna and starting with a presentation about the wider context of patterns in culture through stories of design, interconnectedness, nature and systems, the immersive event brought the team of 30 together from their retrospective homes to create a sense of connection, creativity and togetherness despite geographic physical distance. 

"The marbling activity absorbed us all in a creative flow - both simultaneously together and apart on screen"
Cassie Robinson Deputy Director, Funding Strategy National Lottery
Attendees assemble their own workshop set ups from kitchen tables to garden patios!

An Uplifting Creative Tonic for Zoomed out Teams

PATTERNITY Packs were sent in advance (much to the curiosity of some participants partners!) and the group ventured into a state of connection enjoying a top up of hands-on-creative nourishment and serendipity. 

Connected via a 'Peaceful Patterns Playlist' the experience encouraged the team to mostly look away from their screens to embrace the experience 'separate but together' and enter a state of creative flow and 'inter-being'-  scientifically proven to catalyse problem solving, adaptability and resilience.

Participants leave finding a renewed and often unexpected reconnection with their creativity
"Afterwards my team reflected back on how it had reminded them of the importance of letting go, of being comfortable with discomfort and uncertainty, of remembering their creative selves and the connection between making, feeling and presence."
Cassie Robinson Deputy Director, Funding Strategy National Lottery
A short introductory presentation shares the perspective of universal movement, creativity and flow