Join a Living Learning Ecosystem...

We're honoured to be collaborating with our friends and fellow 'Patternists' over at the Bio Leadership Project for the launch for their Fellowship starting this June.

The old story of human progress is failing. The Bio-Leadership Fellowship is connecting the growing, global community of courageous people and organisations creating new stories of leadership and wisdom from nature. This living, learning ecosystem invites practical challenges and real human connection, trusting that new, more beautiful stories of human progress will emerge.

"We are growing a living ecosystem, more powerful than the sum of its parts; changing the story of leadership to save our planet by working with nature. We might not know what the answer is, but we’ll find it together.."

What Is The Bioleadership Fellowship?

The Bio-Leadership Fellowship is:

A global, cross-culture, cross-industry community supporting a new form of human innovation.

A series of shared experiences, leading edge ideas, concepts and tools to help you make important breakthroughs in your life and work.

An open invitation to explore challenges with and for nature. A 7-month journey from June 2021.
Hosted, peer-to-peer support throughout.

"The journey ahead is complex and uncertain. It is a journey that calls for fluid, living qualities like resilience, connection, courage, adaptability and love"

This is not a conceptual journey. Every fellow is invited to bring a real-life challenge or project to the experience, to put it on the table, and to share dreams, fears and pains to help us work better together. To help, each fellow will work as part of a ‘Home Circle’ - a group of peers, accompanied by a Bio-Leadership guide, encouraged to support and challenge each other along the way.

This is a programme to support these different forms of knowledge, not only through thinking but through different ways of being and experiencing the world. We do so through a dedicated thread of ‘Lived Practice’ sessions - moments to come back to being human in a living world

"A complex world calls for new ways of being"