Playful Costumes Exploring Geometric Forms

Bauhaus Master Oskar Schlemmer played with the art of costumery in an utterly modern way during his career. Drawing inspiration from fundamental geometry, as well as observing the body in motion (Schlemmer taught life drawing throughout his career) he created costumes that enhanced our awareness of movement and form.

Stick Dance, pictured below, saw a performer create a shifting pattern of geometric lines – a true abstraction of the body.
Stick Dance 1928 Oskar Schlemmer/ Archive C Raman Schlemmer
‘My themes – the human figure in space, its moving and stationary functions, sitting, lying, walking, standing – are as simple as they are universally valid. They are inexhaustible’
Oskar Schlemmer
Bahause Dancers 1927 Oskar Schlemmer/ Archive C Raman Schlemmer