Re-Considered Grid

Taking inspiration from the Risom Lounge chair

The best design is often borne out of constraints, when makers are forced to work with the most limited resources. The iconic Risom Lounge chair is one such object.
Danish American designer Jens Risom created the piece just before he was drafted into the US Army during WW2. Materials were scarce and austerity was encouraged, so Risom was forced to turn to what was available: in this case, surplus parachute straps.

He fashioned the straps into a tightly woven lattice around a curved maple frame to invent the now iconic chair, which has since been re-issued with Knoll – the company that Risom partnered with during his early career. The webbed design was a huge success, as clubs and facilities for soldiers required furniture which was otherwise in scarce supply. Risom’s chair soon went into manufacture.

Risom continued to make simple and considered furniture up to his death at the age of 100. He leaves us a legacy of beautiful designs, as coveted now as they ever were.