Photo: Timeout I. Marina Del Rey, California, USA

The Masses From Above

Cataloguing a billion behaviours with Marcus Lyon

In his aerial photography studies, Marcus Lyon captures the settlements and structures of human travel and recreation

Lyon states, “Timeout explores mass behaviours in a world where the search for safety and shelter has taken on a secondary role. As the billion planet dwellers that no longer need to satisfy their basic needs search for meaning they turn to another human instinct: exploration. Indeed, as our desire for escape intensifies, we unleash an unstoppable quest for release through consumption and adventure. Whether through budget air tourism, industrial food production or the mega rich’s super yachts, a systemically significant part of the human race defines its modern existence through endeavouring to conquer the natural rhythms of the earth through recreation and travel.”

Image: Timeout VI. Cypresswood Drive, Houston, Texas, USA
Image: Timeout II. Lax, USA