On Wednesday the 16th of June, join PATTERNITY for the online launch of Jeremy Lent’s latest book, The Web of Meaning: Integrating Science and Traditional Wisdom to Find Our Place in the Universe

At 6.30 pm BST, the long term collaborator and friend of PATTERNITY will join co-founder Anna Murray from Berkeley, California in a deep dive discussion about the book, followed by a Q&A, where we’ll open up the conversation to guests. 

Our mainstream worldview has expired. But what will replace it? In The Web of Meaning, Jeremy offers a persuasive foundation for an alternative worldview based on interconnectedness, showing how modern scientific knowledge echoes the ancient wisdom and intelligence of earlier cultures. 

Today, our culture makes sense of things based on a set of flawed ideas; these tell us we’re split within ourselves, separate from each other and the natural world. Can we as a human species wake up in time to recognize our collective identity?

Tune in to hear Jeremy and Anna imagine a positive path for our future – one that integrates science, ancient wisdom and Indigenous knowledge to create 'new' patterns of consciousness, based on an all-infusing recognition of connectedness: within ourselves, with other humans, and with the entire natural world. 

"Our mainstream worldview has expired. What will replace it? A worldview of interconnectedness—one that affirms life rather than destroys it"
Jeremy Lent