"Joining together we raise awareness of the interconnected creative forces of life from colour through to texture, shape and form”
Taking inspiration from nature and the unique craftsmanship of Ultrafabrics’ manufacturing process, our Fabric Forest celebrates Ultrafabrics’ commitment to colour creativity, innovation and sustainability. 

Coming together united by our collaboration ‘Chromatic Consciousness’ we celebrate shared values with Ultra Fabrics – world leaders in animal-free leather through the power of innovation and creativity. Values around considered craftsmanship, heritage and legacy in design and the importance of asking bigger questions and digging beneath the surface of life. 

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“Hanging PATTERNITY photographs of roots, mossy mounds, shorelines and rippling waters draw the space together, honouring the textures and details of nature’s surfaces and forms”
"The Long draped cylindrical hangings of our fabric forest fabric evoke a soothing and spatial sense of nature, the undulating and subtle shape of growth. The curves of life"
“Colours celebrate the beauty and vibrancy of the natural world, it’s technicolour brilliance of bright pinks through to lush greens, oceanic turquoise to deep reds, purple and glowing amber”