Discover Positive Patterns In Five Steps

Today’s culture can often feel out of balance. We are bombarded by information and overloaded with stuff and it can be hard to take time to step back to see the bigger picture. Here we offer five simple ways to start creating positive habits and behaviours today. An invitation to look at the patterns of thinking and doing that shape your own life and ponder the ripples that affect our wider world.

1. Pause + Reflect

Cultures across the globe from Indian monks to American neuroscientists speak of the benefits of switching off in order to fully engage with the present moment. In an overstretched, ever-connected world it can feel difficult to do just one thing at a time.

Today, try breaking the pattern of multitasking and enjoy the experience of focussing on one thing at a time: tasting your dinner without digital distractions, getting absorbed by a book minus endless notifications, walking in the park and listening to the birds...

2. Be Play-full

The patterns of our current times can often feel rigid and serious. We can be very hard on ourselves and we forget the childlike wonder and openness that many of us once shared. Jumping on a trampoline, exploring a new area without looking at a map, or simply making time to laugh and connect with a friend or colleague can break the pattern of our day to day, helping us to find more flow and fun. Try to find ways to invite more playfulness into your life and see where it leads...

3. Make. Sense.

As sensory beings in an increasingly digital world, we can easily lose touch with the materials and textures that make up our environment. Where we have gained speed, efficiency and economic growth, we have lost a vital connection with considered craftsmanship and quality materials.

Remembering the power of touch, smell, taste and sound, in addition to the visual, can reconnect us with some of the fundamental aspects of what it means to be human. So why not take your shoes off during a walk and feel the cold grass beneath your feet? Or close your eyes and listen to the world around you? Make a meal with fresh ingredients or plan to create something from scratch.

4. Ponder Process

In a world of abundance it’s easy to forget how much time, effort and energy goes into making even the humblest product on the supermarket shelf. Take a moment to think of one of your favourite products that you love and enjoy, from nectarines to newspapers.

Imagine the web of people, processes and places involved in making it – and bringing it into your hands. Send some gratitude out to the supply chain next time you enjoy it.

5. Be Great. Be Grateful

In a culture that is so often heads-down it can be so easy to forget to step back to appreciate our life’s journey. Before we realise it, we’re always onto the next project or creation. Try making space to create a habit of noting the things you’re grateful for each day. From something as simple as spotting a beautiful shadow on the floor to thanking someone for making you a great cup of tea, the act of showing gratitude is not only good manners, it’s scientifically proven to lift your mood.

We created Be Great, Be Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Positive Living specifically for this purpose. Featuring gratitude logs, creative exercises, playful prompts, uplifting quotes and free-flow pages, this simple, three-stage programme will inspire, empower, and improve your happiness and well-being.

We’d love to find out what positive patterns you’re creating in your daily lives. Look closer, see more and share your own moments of everyday inspiration and appreciation with us. Join the journey @PATTERNITY