We spoke with the wonderful people at Wallpaper* ahead of our new collection launch at Design Miami about our new collaboration with Cosentino.

"We’re inspired by the theme of liquid and the importance of flow thinking and feeling – it’s part of the essence of PATTERNITY and to us is representative of moving into a more feminine, holistic and intuitive way of designing and creating at this key time in history"

The pair have previously applied their marbled patterns to paper for book covers or postcards, and shared their techniques in popular mindfulness workshops where participants are guided to reach a ‘flow state’ in concentration.
"Almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered by liquid, and more than half of the volume of the human body is made up of it; it is no wonder we are fascinated by the notion of liquid in life," say Murray and Winteringham, who set up PATTERNITY a decade ago now. "Flow systems form the basis of life here on Earth, and without them, we would not exist."
The Liquid Collection will be shown for the first time within the Collector’s Lounge at Design Miami from 3-8 December 2019