Documenting our Life Labyrinth Public Art Installation

“The labyrinth invites and welcomes people to walk the path together – it calls them to the land in oneness.
Aunty Ali Golding, Aboriginal Elder, Biripi Nation.
This is a very special film project which captures the essence of our LIFE LABYRINTH – an interactive public art installation commissioned by London Design Festival outside Westminster Cathedral in September 2019  
Based on a giant three‐dimensional spiralling labyrinth formation that have long been used as meditation and prayer tools by many cultures throughout time, LIFE LABYRINTH was a pattern‐based journey that took visitors on a personal meditative walking experience that is proven to have both psychological and physical health benefits.
“We wanted to create an inclusive space for all. It was beautiful to witness the many interactions. Different generations, genders, and faiths all together; resting, talking, playing, walking – there was an abundance of life, and moments of peace, all at once.

The symbol of the Labyrinth represents wholeness and connection. Those that walk the path embark on a journey to one's own center and back again out into the World. Unlike a maze a labyrinth is unicursal, the way in is the way out, The path leads you to the center and spirals out again.
This film documenting our project was created through the brilliant creativity and generosity of many heads, hands, and hearts. We are so grateful to everyone who supported birthing this potent project into the World.
“It certainly feels like a potent time to be sharing this project with the World. The film really captures the essence of what LIFE LABYRINTH was about and the spirit of the times and the resonance of coming together to remember our interconnectedness - with each other, to nature and all life”

Heartfelt gratitude for all who visited and supported the project.


Production: SPEAKIT
Director of photography: Joshua Fletcher
Drone photography: Tony Martin
Sound design: Anna Bertmark
Feature Voices:
Catherine Bjorksten, Leo Kay, Judith Murray, Denis Whyte, Sophia Feliz
Design & Creative: PATTERNITY
Design & Build: Materialise Creative Design
Material Sponsorship: Tarkett
Horticulture: Lulu Roper-Caldbeck
Location: Westminster Cathedral 
Funding: Victoria Westminster & Business Improvement District
Commissioned by  London Design Festival 2019
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