Exploring the Sacred Geometry and Pattern Wisdom of Marrakesh

“Pattern enables us to transcend our everyday surroundings into the realm of the sacred”

Our recent PATTERNITRIP to Marrakesh, in collaboration with music and cultural festival Beat Hotel, celebrated the connection between sacred geometry and the spiralling ‘unseen’ patterns found in nature – from music and sound to the growth patterns in cacti.

Together we delved into hidden palaces, secret gardens and tucked away markets as we explored the symbols and meanings of ancient Islamic designs and artisanal crafts during pattern walks and meditative experiences.

Huge gratitude to everyone who joined together to honour our deep connection to the divine as told through the universal language of pattern.

“The same patterns and geometry can exist in a spiralling galaxy, a hurricane, musical compositions, the growth of cactus and even the structure of our own ears and DNA…they speak a language of connection and creativity that is both healing and profound”

The tour was such a success we’re currently planning another PATTERNITRIP to Marrakesh in October 2019. If you’d like to join us be the first to register your interest via studio@patternity.org