We Inspire Positive Living through the Infinite Wisdom and Beauty of Pattern

PATTERNITY is a 'Conscious Creative Organisation' founded by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham in London in 2009. United by their deep love of pattern and its ability to bring ideas, people and perspectives together, they wanted to share the  positive power of pattern with the world.

Playfully but purposefully merging the worlds of science, spirituality and sustainability with nature, design and wellbeing our multi-disciplinary platform,  projects, products and events activate pattern awareness and understanding; inspiring more curious, collaborative and connected ways of being  in modern life.

In increasingly fragmented times we act as catalysts for culture change;  supporting our global community of pattern explorers and collaborators to access higher pattern consciousness and creativity – in doing so we align harmoniously with the web of life, each other and indeed ourselves.

Our mission is to reconnect the disconnect.

Our creative projects catalyse positive change and raise consciousness in culture


"Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham see pattern everywhere — and they’re using it to shape the future of design"
Sunday Times Style
"PATTERNITY is a welcome invitation to explore and engage with the world in a way that inspires, lifts up the soul and reminds us that there is so much goodness, connectedness and possibility in this wonderfully diverse and rich experience of human adventure"
Revd Lee Barnes, Vicar
"PATTERNITY gave me a renewed sense of calm, I felt present in a moment and re-connected with the experience of the world around me"
Andy Busfield, Event Attendee
"Spend a few moments at PATTERNITY and you’ll look at the world through fresh eyes"