Join the Journey

This is a celebration of the inspirational beings who have shared this voyage of pattern exploration with us so far. Please join us at an upcoming event, or #patternity to share your own pattern finds

During the making of our CRACKLE CONNECTIONS collaboration , Grace and I met so many beautiful people, and makers. It was such a joy having been quite disconnected from... Read More
Our community can find patterns wherever they go. @ ramiro_valdez found these lush green spikes and layers in Spain, whilst @litespeed18 found these lichen at Everest... Read More
Thanks to everyone who continues to share their pattern finds using #PATTERNITY Here we have @__stickers in London with some brutalist blocks, @kiiv_design in Belgium... Read More
Sharing a sneak peek into our studio as we brought together the final touches for our collaboration with Moo… Read More
Newest PATTERNITEAM member Olivia Fortune ventured east to Cambridge and Norfolk to explore the newly re-opened Kettles Yard , as well as dipping her toes in the North... Read More
We've been enjoying hosting marbling workshops at John Lewis, inviting the public to learn more about our collaboration and get hands on with pattern at our workshop... Read More
We've been learning about the GDPR – a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy – and want to make sure that you still want to stay connected with us. We’re... Read More
Co-Founder Grace shared her thoughts around Unique Style Platform's theme of Modern Mysticism at talk in Holborn this month. Tuning in with themes of spirituality,... Read More
Our co-founder Anna spoke with Fred Butler at a special dinner Now Gallery to celebrate Fred's new immersive installation show ‘Harmonics in Space’. Together they... Read More
On the first of March Welsh people and others across Britain celebrate St. David's Day, drawing attention to Wales' traditions, history and culture. Co-Founder Anna... Read More
We had a fun workshop with members at YCN last month, exploring the craft of marbling that brings to life the psychological reality of ‘flow’, where action and awareness... Read More
We hosted inspiring evening celebrating the positive power of gratitude in modern life at Anthropologie Kings Road to kick off the New Year. A well as teaching us how to... Read More
Nature still flourishes even in the depths of winter. Anna and Grace serendipitously both captured striking fungi on nature walks – Grace in Norfolk and Anna in Shoreham... Read More
Our Head of Research Liv Taylor visited ESDIR in La Rijoca, Spain to run a patterned project for students from graphic, product, fashion and interior design. The brief... Read More
As we consider the designs behind our collaboration with John Lewis, we look at our community's interpretations of the everyday inspirations that informed our FLOW and... Read More
Thank you to everyone who joined us at our pop-up sample sale at YCN. It was great to meet more of our community and give people a chance to pick up some of our last... Read More
Our co-founder Anna just returned from a trip to a remote isle in Ireland, where she captured the rugged patterns of the rocks and plants… Read More
Our co-founders Anna and Grace returned to the Quadrangle Trust for a weekend of nature exploration with our friends The Bio-Leadership Project. Together they've been... Read More
Thank you to everyone who joined us last week for our Infectious Pattern Workshop. We were thrilled to have Mike Turner, Head of Infection and Immunobiology join us... Read More
We came across this amphibian poking out of a perfectly speckled pond. Frogs have particular symbolism in the feminine; i n Egypt the frog is the symbol of life and... Read More