How can pattern help us to connect the dots and foresee the cultural trends shaping our future?

Using our unique approach to image and pattern curation to see into the future, our curated talks bring together emerging ideas, ancient concepts and thematic innovations across many industries and backgrounds. Uniting often disparate worlds to find common ground, spark connections and foster dialogue, participants leave with fresh perspectives to shape their ideas and creative processes.

Using Pattern to Find Our Purpose

PATTERNITY is a place where mindfulness, fashion, science, architecture, geometry, beauty and personal growth can meet. Our Immersive PATTERNITALKS invite participants to explore wider cultural patterns and ideas in an inclusive, accessible and uplifting way.

Bringing our in-depth pattern research to life for more in-depth and often immersive explorations, we invite our guests and participants to join us on a journey through both visual and non-visual concepts and unexpected perspectives. We share ideas, discoveries and inspirations and ponder our wider creative process and purpose in a rapidly changing world.

"All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired"
Chuck Palahniuk, Novelist and Journalist
Hear about a theme or idea from the PATTERNITY perspective
"Liv was fascinating to listen to and the way she explained patterns was inspirational. She brought the simplest patterns to life and it is hard now not to look around and see them in everything."
Alan Teather, CCAD