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Sharing our latest pattern explorations, celebrations and community updates.  See how pattern connects our Universe and what we can learn from it to live more positive and purposeful lives.

GRACE: With Valentines on the horizon, we wanted to create a new pattern artwork that was about sharing the l ove, for people and for the planet. This is the first time ... Read More
Honouring and acknowledging the source of pattern wisdom here on Earth a 5% donation from our new PRINT SHOP sales will support frontline indigenous Amazonian activists;... Read More
We’d love you to join us to celebrate the long- awaited launch of our PATTERN PRINT SHOP! We’ll be hosting a very special virtual event to share deeper insights about... Read More
*Please note this position has now been filled – stay tuned for more updates and position openings - Thank you* We're excited to announce we're looking for a new member... Read More
A call for Global Allyship by Indigenous Women: This gathering will take place within the frame of the International Day of Indigenous Women, a commemoration instituted... Read More
Our events are living and breathing extensions of our deeper philosophies that we love sharing with our online community of fellow pattern explorers. It’s always such an... Read More
During this time of great change and uncertainty many of us have felt even more soothed, uplifted and grounded by the Natural world. Nature has taken on a deeper... Read More
Missed the live show? Listen again here We’ve delved into the PATTERNITY archives to weave together an hour-long radio show with Agile City and Clyde Built Radio... Read More
After such a heartwarming time together last month we'll be hosting our second #PATTERNITRIBE online gathering where we'll be creating a nourishing, gentle and... Read More
From walks in nature to cleaning the stove top we took some time to slow down, reflect and appreciate the beauty of our everyday surroundings by celebrating the patterns... Read More
What a joy to have been a small thread interwoven with the creative journey of this song Begin Again just released by the beautiful soul that is @nickmulvey We loved... Read More
Missed the live radio show? Click the link to listen on Soundcloud Track List: 1. Slow Motion Blackbird – Steve Reich, Chris Hughes 2. Wenn Der Sudwind Weht – Group... Read More
Liquid is life. The flowing current of creativity and all that is. A force of nature. Liquid is the beginning, the end and all that flows between. Oceans, rivers, rain;... Read More
Seeds germinate in the darkness... So in this time of great change, where so many interconnected shadows in our system are finally being exposed and we are realising how... Read More
We'll be hosting ongoing # PATTERNITRIBE online gatherings throughout 2020 where we'll be creating nourishing, gentle and supportive spaces for us to come together,... Read More
There is no right or wrong way to take part in a mindful walk. We invite you to simply take the first step and see where you feel moved to go. Your walk can explore a... Read More
During the making of our CRACKLE CONNECTIONS collaboration , Grace and I met so many beautiful people, and makers. It was such a joy having been quite disconnected from... Read More
Sometimes a change of perspective is all you need to see something new… Read More