A Time to Reflect On Changing Patterns of Being

A Pattern Reflection with Cofounder Anna

"This is a potent time to step back and reflect on what has shifted in us, what has moved through, what is no longer not the same, how have we grown... and what seeds of intentions do we want to sew to create new patterns for the future"
Over the last few months, we've had possibly our most inward time since launching PATTERNITY back in 2009. We've taken a moment of pause (only posting once on our usually-very-active Instagram channel) to highlight a cause very dear to us, The Choose Earth Crowdfunding Campaign with our indigenous Partners in Brazil, please do support it! Mostly, we have been going into the void, both personally, as an organisation and indeed as an entire species. It's been introspective, it's been soulful, it's been inspiring and it's sometimes been scary. It's been a time of great re-patterning on a personal and planetary scale. We've had no option to surrender to the unknown and keep on moving through...

And we have been wondering... how has it been for you dear Patternists? 

A lot has been happening inwardly over at PATTERNITY most of which is barely visible to the outside world yet.  We've been taking a long extended moment to reflect on what is shifting within us and outside of us. For us, it's been a time of deeply pondering; What patterns no longer serve us and need releasing? What new patterns do we want to take with us into the future? And what new creative ideas are we ready to now birth? Importantly we've also been digging deeper into how can we better connect and support our growing community as we transition these changing patterns together.

As creatives and designers, we are used to creative sharing, active doing, project holding, and problem solving.  It's feeling increasingly important to acknowledge the need to take time to press pause, to 'be', to venture inward to top up our inner creative flow. In doing so we feel resourced again; ready to venture into a new creative cycle so we can keep showing up and doing the work. As many of you know, it takes so much to nurture and express creativity and seed intentions.

Amidst the growing overwhelm knowing we are fractals of wider creative cycles feels nourishing to us; the remembering that we are microscopic parts of a wider interconnected rhythmic whole is at the heart of all we are and do. Honouring this and truly putting pattern wisdom into practice really matters to us in the what and the how we want to create and communicate. We all have to take time to plug back into creative source and attune to natural rhythms to create from a deeper, more authentic place. Something we've learned a lot about and are working on finding more ways to explore with you in the coming months.

And so we find ourselves spiralling back out again from a time of creative darkness, the world is opening back out again, and we are all emerging with new ideas and lots of creative intentions and questions around design, creativity, and personal and planetary wellbeing that we hope will resonate with you reading this. We're looking forward to sharing more with you over the next few months, we also have new team-members we're excited to introduce you to and new projects that are getting ready to be birthed! 

We've also just announced some new Partnership Projects that are on the horizon which you can find out about here – and more updates on our PATTERNITY own projects, products, events, experiences, and more. 

Stay tuned dear Patternists! 

"When You Feel The Need To Speed Up, Slow Down"
Kimi Werner

Join The Journey...Monthly MOON ZOOM coming soon!

Just as our ancestors worked with the cycles of nature to nurture and care for the land and make decisions on the movement of the community, you too can work with the patterns and rhythms in the Natural world to help you on your creative journey, connecting back to the source of creative flow.

We'll be sharing some ideas on how to connect with cycles to deepen into your creative practice at our new MOON ZOOM starting in August. More info to be announced in the coming weeks. 

Message us studio@patternity.org if you'd like to find out more! 

"As fractals of wider creative cycles we find nourishment in this knowing; that we are microscopic parts of a wider interconnected whole"
Anna Murray