Image: UK Pavilion, Hufton+Crow

Human Beehive

Revealing the inner world of an apiary

As the world gathered for EXPO 2015 in Milan, the UK unveiled its magnificent Pavilion, inspired by the humble honey bee: The Hive. The structure brought attention to the plight of the bee across Britain and the world.
Photo: UK Pavilion, Hufton+Crow
Visitors to the Pavilion were immersed in the world of bees, from orchards of British fruit trees, to winding pathways representing the famous ‘bee dance’. Audiovisual receptors even responded to data from real life hives, creating a sensory representation of an apiary.

Bringing nature and architecture together, designer Wolfgang Buttress showcased the best of the UK, while championing the small creatures central to our bioculture and our existence.
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