Photo: Ganges River delta in near infrared showing lush mangrove forests and encroaching farming. Donald Pettit/NASA

Photographing From Space

Inspiring exploration with NASA’s Donald Petitt

NASA Astronaut Donald Pettit has often been called the guru of space photography. Working on the ISS for over ten years, Pettit has captured magnificent images of Earth, and the galaxy beyond; many force us to ask questions about our environment and seek further innovation and exploration.
With the primary scientific intention of collecting data from the imagery – surveying the globe and the universe – he also recognises the intrinsic beauty and uniqueness of his work.
"Just the idea that there is value in the pictures that transcends their imagery — the fact that a human being thought that it was worthwhile to take a picture at this point on Earth — that information becomes an interesting data set"
Donal Pettitt, NASA Astronaut
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