Pattern Licensing

Seeing Pattern Everywhere From the Mundane to the Magnificent

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Photographic Pattern

For over eight years we've been fastidiously documenting and celebrating the details of daily life from the stripy shadows beneath our feet to the cloud formations above our heads.  We now have an archive of over 500 PATTERNITY owned photographic images that celebrate the excellence of the everyday world.

Copyright ©PATTERNITY 2018 All Rights Reserved

Vector Pattern

Our archive of PATTERNITY own vector patterns from bold geometrics to fluid natural emergent forms are inspired by textures of the natural world and geometry making up the fundamental building blocks of life. 
“You’ll adore PATTERNITY’S exhaustive research dedicated to all things decorated, tessellated and patterned..."
From books to artworks, babywear and beyond, we are open to pattern licensing conversations for usage across the globe.
To view our pattern archive or to find out more about our pattern licences and commissions contact: