"All are parts of one stupendous whole"
Alexander Pope, Poet, 1688 - 1744

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Elizabeth Atterbury has explored forms in the shape of hands, tennis courts, and even tabs from breast milk bags in her latest works. The artist has been blurring the... Read More
Since 2009 our pattern research has connected the mundane and the magnificent. Having evolved from an image archive to a full design studio, research platform and events... Read More
A sweet spot-bellied eagle owl sports mini hearts on it's majestic plumage. This breed is noted for its strange, human-sounding call and is native to Southeast Asia.... Read More
Ji Won Choi was interested in the idea that many of us have wardrobes full of clothes that can only be worn one way, and reacted by creating pieces that represent ideas... Read More
Since 2009 our pattern research has connected the mundane and the magnificent. Having evolved from an image archive to a full design studio , research platform and... Read More
Out of about 20,000 known bee species in the world, T. carbonaria is one of only 500 without stingers. They also raise their young in unusual spiral shaped nests, known... Read More
Cotton buds make up almost half of all litter found on UK beaches, and Scotland has reacted by banning plastic-handled cotton buds in order to break the cycle of marine... Read More
Nature is resilient in the face of an ever modernising world. Carl Richard Söderström uses ceramics to imagine plants and organisms taking over an abandoned landscapes.... Read More
An aerial view of the Spanish town reveals an unseen pattern from above – shard like fractures connected by mazes of medieval streets are reminiscent of skin up close.... Read More
You may be, or have met, someone with an unlikely aversion to clusters and holes. The phobia, known as Trypophobia, is not officially recognized in the American... Read More
Often something simple is the most effective. Artist Rainer Jacob used ice in the shape of banded radiators placed around cities and living spaces in Europe to draw... Read More
The structure and form of renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragán have been recreated in miniature by artist James Casebere. The table-sized models were lit precisely... Read More
"Clustered between the small towns of Koingnaas and Kotzesrus are vast patterns, often kilometres long – a variety of shapes and symbols that defy interpretation. These... Read More
As humans, we are naturally pattern-seeking creatures – we are genetically conditioned to recognise and find meaning in pattern. The more we look, the more we see the... Read More
Braille, the a code that can be translated into many languages, has been used by the visually impaired since 1824. This rubicks cube was designed by Konstantin Datz... Read More
Sharing angular beauty inspiration styled by Philip Mason and photographed by Richard Blinkoff Read More
Why is there a spiral around the North Pole of Mars? Each winter this pole develops a new outer layer about one meter thick composed of carbon dioxide frozen out of the... Read More
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